Do you struggle to find the time to workout? Do you need it to fit in around life with ease?

We aim to cater for all mums and we don’t want distance or time to be a barrier. 

Every mum receives a free 15 minute live consultation to help set them up on our platform and feeling confident and ready to kick-start their trial.

Mother Move LIVE ONLINE is a solution for many mums and provides the following:

Eliminate the journey to and from the gym

Have an expert trainer live with you guiding you through the workout

Tailored workouts specifically for mums

Train in the comfort of your own home

Train around times that suit your family needs

No need for childcare

Book in to a class timetable and get the class experience without leaving the house

Network with like-minded mums

No need for childcare

Accountability and more reasons to exercise

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Book your consultation in and activate your free trial TODAY!

Eliminate travel and free up TIME!

No traveling to and from classes and the gym, save time and fit your workout in!

Train in the COMFORT of your own home!

Fit your training in around kids, work and the house!

Have a trainer LIVE there with you!

All other online platforms are pre-recorded, live online means we are right there with you!

Train with EXPERT trainers who understand a mum's body!

Our trainers are expert in the field of post partum training, feel comfortable and confident with their skills to guide you through fun workouts!

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  • Mother Move Program

  • £47/mo
    • Virtual Live Training with expert post natal trainer guiding you through every session.
    • Access to our mother move session calendar with no restrictions.
    • Training considerations for mums with more specific needs.
    • Access to our mother move facebook group, where you can network with like minded mums and get great content along the way such as nutrition, health & lifestyle tips.
    • Accountability & Support – we keep in touch with you and provide a personable service.
    • Gets you moving more and feeling great in a short amount of time.

  • Super Mum VIP Package

  • £973 months minimum
    • Everything that our membership program offers and the following
    • Initial 30 mins consultation with goal setting – You will be sent a link to our goal setting form to fill along with a link to book your 30 minute consultation to go over your form.
    • Set in place an going health and wellness plan at consultation stage
    • Set you up on MyfitnessPal at consultation stage.
    • You will received a custom nutrition plan at consultation stage.
    • You will receive a video on how to complete measurements as a way of managing progressions.
    • Mindset Coaching.
    • Monthly 30 minute consultation calls to check on progress.
    • Access to our mother move facebook group, where you can network with like minded mums and get great content along the way such as nutrition, health & lifestyle tips.

  • Mother Move VIP Care Package

  • £147Add on
    • Full Prescreen with 30 minute initial consultation, you’ll receive a form to complete about your pregnancy, birth and current health, which will then be discussed at consultation
    • Personalised Pelvic Floor Core Rehab 4 week Program
    • Lifestyle and nutritional PDF to support pelvic health and over all health
    • Our equipment package will be included – you’ll receive 2kg dumbbells x 2, a small pilates ball and a set of 4 loop bands
    • A 200gram pot of green magic by protocol (read about this awesome supplement here
    • This is a one time add on package


Mother Move & Pelvic Floor Core Rehab programmes all require you to have completed your GP sign off appointment prior to beginning as well as filling out our prescreen PARQ and waivers. You should always consult your medical professional before embarking on any new exercise regime.


By embarking on our programmes you agree that you are;


  • Over 16 years of age
  • Have an active email or contact number that you regularly check
  • Responsible for ensuring that you are capable of joining and continuing with a programme from a health and fitness perspective. If you unsure or suffer from any medical condition please seek advice from a health professional prior to beginning a programme.
  • Responsible for contacting your health professional should you become unwell or injured during a programme
  • Understand that Mother Move does not qualify as medical advice and we always recommend a post birth check up from a women’s health physio – such practitioners can be found locally here – and we can also recommend a few woman’s health physio’s that we work with, just get in touch for more information
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